WP Chaturbate plugin version 3.0.0

I uploaded new version of WP Chaturbate plugin. Get it here! There are many new features and fixes so be sure to upgrade your plugin!

Whats new:
* Chaturbate changed the size of the thumbnails and it caused problems for the plugin. Fixed it.
* The plugin can now be upgraded automatically from WordPress admin area and you don’t have to download and upgrade it manually any more (like with the plugins downloaded from wordpress.org). Just go to your plugins page and if it says there is a new version of the plugin, just click “upgrade automatically”.
* You can add custom css in Settings -> WP Chaturbate. So if you want to change the appearance of your cam page, you can add your custom css there and it won’t get lost if you upgrade the plugin.
* I removed the options 10 sec and 30 sec from caching interval options. Because sometimes downloading the xml can take more than 10 sec (or on rare cases maybe even more than 30 sec). So if you were using these options (10 or 30 sec) go to Settings -> WP Chaturbate and choose a new option.
* It doesn’t show the ugly xml errors any more. If it gets a broken xml from chaturbate, it tries to use the previous xml and if that is not possible, then it says “Error getting data from chaturbate. Try again later.”

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