WP Chaturbate plugin version 3.1.0

I uploaded new version of WP Chaturbate plugin. Get it here! Again there are many new features and fixes!

What’s new:

  • I have changed the text displayed above the chat window. Previously it said to click the sign up button. But there are no sign up button inside the chat application any more. So now it displays a link there. If you’re using revshare, it links directly to Chaturbate’s join page and if you’re using pay per sign-up, then it links to Chaturbate’s home page (there is no affiliate link directly to join page for pay per sign-up program). So if you have put a custom text there, go to Settings -> WP Chaturbate and put a new text there.
  • Someone asked, if it’s possible to specify a single room instead of showing all rooms. Now it is possible. Just put the name of the performer between the shortcodes:
    You can also put a list of performers:

    If you put only one name between the shortcodes, then it shows the cam page of that performer. If there’s more than one name, then it shows the thumbnails of these cams (which are online).
  • For this previous feature to work, I had to change the structure of the shortcodes. Now it’s using the WordPress shortcode API (available since WordPress version 2.5). Please use these shortcodes:
    [chaturbate] – for all online cams
    [chaturbate gender=f] – for female cams
    [chaturbate gender=m] – for male cams
    [chaturbate gender=c] – for couple cams
    [chaturbate gender=s] – for shemale cams
    [chaturbate maxcams=9] to show 9 cams
    [chaturbate gender=f maxcams=9] to show 9 female cams
    [chaturbate gender=m maxcams=9] to show 9 male cams
    [chaturbate gender=c maxcams=9] to show 9 couple cams
    [chaturbate gender=s maxcams=9] to show 9 shemale cams.
    (9 can be any number)
    The old shortcodes will still work! So you don’t have to change all your pages. But if you’re making new pages, please use the new shortcodes.
  • Now you can use pretty urls. For example http://sexplugins.com/live-webcams/cam/somename/ instead of http://sexplugins.com/live-webcams/?cam=somename and http://sexplugins.com/live-webcams/campage/2/ instead of http://sexplugins.com/live-webcams/?campage=2 . By default it uses the old ugly urls. To turn on the pretty urls, go to Settings -> WP Chaturbate. If you turn on pretty urls, the old ugly urls will still work if someone comes directly to those urls.

If you’re currently using version 3.0.0, you can upgrade automatically. Just go to your plugins page and click the “update now” button on “WP Chaturbate” plugin.

2 Responses to “WP Chaturbate plugin version 3.1.0”

  • anton says:

    thank you so much

    actually i have installed this new version(3.1.2)
    most of issues have been solved but i have some more issues

    website loading is so slow i have a lot of website on my current VPS and all of them are like rocket except this one

    how can i fix it?

  • Yuck Boys says:

    The issue seem to be within the customcss.php file. I’ve sped up my site by commenting out the code in it and having it skipped. If you are not using any custom css there’s no need to have it loaded.

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