WP Chaturbate plugin version 4.0.0

Good news! New version of WP Chaturbate plugin with many new features is here!  Get it here!

What’s new:

  • Google should now index every single cam page.
  • Now you can add custom text and model info on the single cam page. For example you can display the models age, location, name etc. More info about how to use this feature is on the plugin’s settings page.
  • The plugin is now translatable. You can translate all the plugin texts to your language. You can use the Loco Translate plugin for example to translate.
  • Loading the custom css is now faster.
  • Many users had problems with the XML. So the plugin is now using JSON format instead of XML to get info from chaturbate.com. You need to have allow_url_fopen enabled on your server to be able to get info from chaturbate.com and for the plugin to work. The settings page will tell you if you don’t have this option enabled and then you’ll have to contact your hosting service provider.
  • Other small fixes.

If you’re currently using version 3.0.0 or newer, you can upgrade automatically. Just go to your plugins page and click the “update now” button on “WP Chaturbate” plugin.

19 Responses to “WP Chaturbate plugin version 4.0.0”

  • farshid says:

    please send for me a version for mobile android thank you

  • Mike says:

    Any idea for don’t show page text in cams?

  • rocky says:

    hey, this plugin is good, but does not work in mobile, dont fit the screen, dont even see the play button

  • Pipo says:

    Hi, Great plugin
    It stops working with the mobile version of chaturbate. I get 404 error code when browsing in the mobile
    You can check here at your website

  • magic says:

    pls fix your contact page, i need you ask about plugin contact form is no working with frame blok it. tnx.

    • magic says:

      my problem is with this section


      how to keep always /cam/ for cam model page ?
      if i create page for females cam models are go in deep directory how to alaways keep on url for model cam website this is function in your plugin is this? $url = chaturbate_add_query_arg(‘cam’, “$username”, get_permalink());

      tnx for help

  • chuck says:

    Will there be a way to block certain peoples rooms…I keep getting dmca notices about removing their page and I keep telling them that it is impossible on my end

  • chuck says:

    Chaturbate has now suspended my account until I “remove the page” the only way to do that was to deactive the plugin

  • chuck says:

    sounds like I am having the same problem as that guy in the thread…the user that complained isn’t even a verified model and shouldn’t be camming…I told cb that and they didn’t care lol but they told me I had to change the page to a 404 did not find..and I told them that I did not have the power to change that lol….I tried to update the plugin several times a few minutes ago and I get this….Update Failed: Download failed. Forbidden

  • chuck says:

    anyway I looked at your page with the user in question and it still comes up with his page it just says “offline” this still is a no go with chaturbate, they specifically want a 404 Not found page to come up when going to the users page

    • admin says:

      I made on new version. Now it shows error 404 if model is offline or they have set not to be shown on third party websites.

      Update to the latest version (4.0.6). Updating should work fine. If it doesn’t, then just update manually. Download the latest version from http://sexplugins.com/plugins/wp-chaturbate-plugin/ , remove your current version and install the new one form your WordPress plugins page or by uploading it to FTP.

  • chuck says:

    that’s awesome…good work…love the plugin btw

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