WP Chaturbate plugin version 4.0.6

Again I made a new version of the Chaturbate plugin. Now it displays error 404 if a model is offline or they have set not to be shown on third party websites. This is Chaturbate’s requirement.

Get it from http://sexplugins.com/plugins/wp-chaturbate-plugin/ or update automatically from your plugins page.

6 Responses to “WP Chaturbate plugin version 4.0.6”

  • demochan says:

    Tried the new update. and it says chaturbate not available at the moment. is it a problem on my end?

  • Andrew86 says:

    Question about Chaturbate & Your Plugin:

    I have seen that my VPS get too much traffic spike from a couple of Cloudflare IP (one is IP:, so i asked to my hosting support to block those IPs, and now, your plugin stopped to load cams, i think that those IPs on Cloudflare network are used by Chaturbate for provide thumbnails or users informations.

    This month your plugin eated more than 3TB of bandwith on my VPS. Some suggestion?

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      There is nothing I can do about it. I can’t make my plugin to cache the images. I think chaturbate doesn’t allow to make local copies of the images.

      But 3TB is really a lot. Maybe you have some other problem.

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