WP Chaturbate plugin version 1.2.1

I made some small changes and uploaded a new version of the plugin. Get it here.

Now you can also use php codes in your wordpress theme files to show the cams. The code to use is:
<?php wpchaturbatecams(“x”,#); ?>
where x is a (for all cams), f (for female cams), m (for male cams), c (for couple cams) or s (for shemale cams). And # is the number of cams to show (Insert 0 to use number of cams set in the settings page).

If you already installed version 1.2.0 and don’t need to use this feature, then there’s no need to upgrade.

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WP Chaturbate plugin version 1.2.0

I made a new version of WP Chaturbate plugin. You can download it here.

What’s new in this version:
* It seems that Chaturbate offers the pay per sign-up option again, at least for some people. So with this version you can choose from the plugin’s settings page if you want to use pay per sign-up or revshare program. By default it uses revshare.

* Now you can set the number of cams to display in every page or post. For example you can use these codes inside your page or post:
[chaturbate-9] to show 9 cams
[chaturbate-f-9] to show 9 female cams
[chaturbate-m-9] to show 9 male cams
[chaturbate-c-9] to show 9 couple cams
[chaturbate-s-9] to show 9 shemale cams.
You can use whatever number you want. This will override the max number of cams option set in the settings page and disables the pager.

But of course you can still use the old codes too:
[chaturbate] – for all online cams
[chaturbate-f] – for female cams
[chaturbate-m] – for male cams
[chaturbate-c] – for couple cams
[chaturbate-s] – for shemale cams
In this case the max number of cams is what you set in the settings page.

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WP Chaturbate plugin version 1.1.2

I just uploaded new version of WP Chaturbate plugin. Download it here.

Chaturbate doesn’t pay $1 for free registration anymore. So I made my plugin to use revshare instead.

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New version of Chaturbate plugin

I uploaded version 1.1.0 of WP Chaturbate plugin. You can download it here.

New in this version:
* Now you can set the maximum number of cams to display on one page. To set it, go to Settings -> WP Chaturbate in your WordPress administration panel.

If you use this plugin, please subscribe to this blog by e-mail or RSS (see links in the right sidebar under “Subscibe”). This way you’ll be notified when new versions of this plugin come out.

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Chaturbate plugin for WordPress

Version 1.0.0 of WP Chaturbate plugin is now available for download. You can read more and download it here. See the demo of this plugin here.

It’s really easy to make money with this plugin. Just register as an affiliate on chaturbate.com and install my WP Chaturbate plugin on your WordPress website. Now every time someone using your website creates a free account on chaturbate.com you get $1.

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What is sexplugins.com?

I like webcams and sex and WordPress and php. So I made a WordPress plugin to show chaturbate.com webcams. This website is to share this plugin with others who might be interested.

In the future I hope to make more sexy plugins for WordPress. If you have a good idea what plugins should I make, feel free to write in the comments.

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